Govido Video Chat is the highest rated and most popular chatroulette script to start your own video chat website.

WHY IS THE PARTNER VIDEO BLURRY? The blur is an SVC safety feature against suspected nudity; this feature can be turned off or filtered in the original script. With RVC, the blur is an optional fun feature.
You don't know who are you connected to until you wait a few seconds. People won't get crazy about nexting.

WHY IS A LOGIN AND USERNAME REQUIRED? It is more fun and safer if you know the username and the location of your chat partner. Remeber, none of your data is saved the username and user-data is kept for the active session only. This feature can be turned off in the original software.


WHY IS "NEXT" DISABLED? This new feature was added to prevent users from pressing next every second. Wait 5 seconds before nexting. This feature can be turned off in the chat roulette clone software.

CHAT ROULETTE ON YOUR WEBSITE? To include the chat roulette on your website or WordPress blog, just Copy and Paste the following code into one of your pages (click the script to select all) or download chatr roulette alternative: